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No More Energy Bills for Cabinco Customers


[singlepic id=3008 w=320 h=240 float=left]Cabinco’s Eco School building already offers a sustainable alternative to conventional modular construction, but  has now been improved to offer an off-site modular building which is Carbon Neutral.

Our already excellent air tightness results  (most recently 3.24m3/hr at 50Pa on Crickets Montessori School) have been improved still further and, by combining our energy efficient air source heat pump, high insulation levels, and now a PV array to generate energy, this design can be run with a positive energy balance ie you will feed more energy back into the National Grid than you use!  So no more energy bills!  That has to be good news for everyone!

Schools are currently under pressure to make new build projects carbon neutral in order to reduce the Nation’s carbon emissions.  In Wales, all new build schools will need to be carbon neutral by 2014 and in England by 2016!  Whilst this is a very welcome move for the environment, it also has the potential to be problematic for those schools who depend on volumetric modular units or portable cabin style buildings.  These have traditionally been considered cold buildings with poor insulation and therefore high levels of energy consumption.

The Eco-School already offers all the benefits of off-site construction, ie; precision engineering and faster on-site construction, combined with options for individual design, and a significant “head start” towards  BREEAM Excellent.  The Eco-School is constructed form natural and sustainable timber and now we can demonstrate that these buildings will be Carbon Neutral as well!

Ticking all the sustainable boxes for schools and still keeping that aesthetic appeal.

So for Cabinco Clients – a gorgeous, cost effective building solution with, potentially, no energy bills!