Wheres the Rain?

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March was the driest for almost 60 years. The UK average rainfall from 1st to 29th was just 39.1mm which is under half the 95.9mm expected for the month and the lowest for a March since 1953.

So for new green roofs, don’t forget that they need to be watered to keep the substrate moist!

A few points worth making:

  • The ideal irrigation is at 2 bar pressure at roof level. Harvested water is the best option.
  • Verdant Blanket – our unique wildflower blanket – is more vulnerable at this time despite the deeper substrate but a new Sedum roof would also benefit hugely from irrigation.
  • Sky-Garden  – one of our suppliers can offer competitive rates on temporary irrigation systems which will assist during this dry period and throughout the summer.

If you need more information about irrigation systems or anything green roof related,

visit www.sky-garden.co.uk , email enquiries@sky-garden.co.uk. or call 01242 620905