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How to Weatherproof your Timber Shelter

Canvas covers, Polycarbonate Panels and Wooden Boarding

We all think of our timber shelters as additional shade from the sunshine on a hot summers day – but after the wet winter we have just experienced, we need to remember to protect the shelter during those many many wet and windy days so we can continue to use it.

Actually – it isnt the shelter that needs protecting – being a treated timber structure it is already guaranteed for 10 years.  The protection is for the people inside it who probably arent too fond of the wind and rain.

What options are there to help you get year round benefit from your shoes.

Polycarbonate Panels

These lovely panels are new to the market and offer the opportunity to have fixed wind/rain protection fitted to your gazebo which provide a rainbow of light inside the shelter whenever the sun shines.  There are ventilation gaps in both the polycarbonate panel and below the T&G boarding to ensure free flow of air in the summer days.

T&G Boarding

We can cut and fix 22mm Tongue and Grove boarding (also green treated so also covered by the 10 year guarantee) to the balustrade either horizontal or vertical to provide additional wind protection.  As there is a gap below the boarding and of course above handrail height, the decking inside still dries off quickly should driving rain reach inside the gazebo.

Canvas Panels

Available in a wide range of colours, these panels are supplied with a completely clear “window” to ensure you still get plenty of light but wind and rain are kept firmly outside.  In the summer or on  other dry days, simply roll them up or take them away.  These panels can be supplied with school or sponsor logo on at no extra cost.

For more information on any of these options ring 01600 719218 for details.