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Timber Classroom Luton

We are pleased to be the winning contractor chosen to create the new timber classroom Luton.  The new classroom will house its own w.c facilities & cloakroom as well as providing a single classroom.  A great addition to the schools resources.

During the summer holidays, the foundations were set.  This meant minimum disruption to the school.  Yet just a few weeks into the September term and already the building is water-tight.   The attractive Metrotile steel roof tiles have also been fitted and the scaffold is down.  The site is now busy with specialist heating / ventilation contractors, plumbers and the electrician all completing the internal works.

Our experienced carpenters are preparing the external elevations for the timber cladding.  This will provide the exterior facade and is chosen to ensure minimal maintenance for the school in the future.  This building is to have a Thermowood Cladding – this timber has been heat treated to increase its longevity.  This timber provides our client with an expected 30 year lifespan  for the cladding alone.  This will benefit the school by avoiding the need for expensive maintenance treatment.  The timber will gradually grey with time.

Should the external cladding ever require replacement, then this can be done without disrupting the interior of the building.

This lovely little building is progressing well.  The double glazed windows and doors are all installed.  As they are factory finished, they arrive ready painted in the RAL of the clients choice.  This dark grey colour is always popular and gives a very modern look to the building contrasted against the Thermowood Cladding.

The dark grey of the roofing fabric also provides a similar coloured finish to the roof.

Internal works continue as the walls have been plastered and are drying out ready for the painter.

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