Nursery Floor Plan & Classroom Floor Plan Ideas

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Nursery Floor Plan and Classroom Floor Plan Examples

How big a building do I need?  Somehow, this is often the hardest thing for a client to decide.  Whilst you may well know the how many children you need to accommodate and where you want the w.cs, you may not realise how much space each w.c will take up or how wide the corridors need to be.  On top of which, you learn that every square meter of extra space, increases the cost of the building.  You need a nursery floor plan or classroom floor plan in order to make sure you know how big a building is required.

To make this easier, we have several floor plans shown on this page which may help you to decide how big a building you are going to need, and what layouts are going to work for you.  All the plans are ideas only, and all can be changed or completely redrawn to ensure that you have the building that you want.

Browse through the images, decide what needs changing in order to create your perfect layout and let us know.  We can quickly provide you with estimated costing and help you decide the feasibilty of your new build.