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Sustainable Construction - Visitors Centres, Offices and Education Blocks

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Sustainable Construction for Commercial / Business

Sustainable Construction is the perfect way to demonstrating your business’ environmental awareness, both by improving the way your business is perceived by clients/staff and by complying with ever more stringent legislation.  Of course it also provides more energy efficient building which will reduce a companies running costs.

By using timber construction to demonstrate your environmental awareness to your staff and clients alike and benefit from reduced construction costs and reduced running costs. The immediate visual impact of the external timber cladding is an obvious statement of your green intentions; yet, as there is no need for treatment or painting of the exterior you are also making a choice that will save your business time and money as well. Sustainable Construction has many benefits.

Internally, the solid log walls offer a constant reminder of the environmental focus, and the large windows and abundance of natural daylight create a working environment which is healthy and motivating. Log buildings are able to better regulate humidity than those constructed of man made (conventional) materials, and do not retain any electro-static charge. This is of benefit in particular to allergy sufferers which account for approximately 1:4 of the population. By choosing a solid log building you could potentially contribute to a reduction in staff sickness days. Log buildings do not suffer from “sick building syndrome”.

However, where appropriate, a SIPTEK sustainable build system can be offered which allows for internal plastering should this be more practical.

All our timber buildings are individually designed, so you have the opportunity to create the layout which most benefits your business: whether that be open plan, private meeting rooms, training areas, storage space, you can create a unique design to ideally suit your business and help you achieve your goals.

The low energy heating and lighting systems we specify also contribute to a healthier environment by providing stable, controllable, draft free temperature. The excellent U Values and air tightness of the buildings not only give you a potentially A Rated energy efficient building, but this reduction in energy used not only benefits the environment but reduces your ongoing overhead costs as well.

There are a wide range of sustainable options to suit, and these can include; sedum and wildflower roofing, rainwater harvesting and bio-mass fuels which complement the existing high specification.  Our build systems even allow potential for Carbon Neutral Buildings.


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