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Benefits of Sustainable Construction

  • Natural Renewable Construction Materials
  • Precision Engineering Off Site
  • Rapid Construction on Site
  • Reduced Costs
  • Minimised Disruption
  • Reduced Traffic / Noise during construction
  • Minimal Site Waste
  • Excellent Energy Efficiency
  • Low Maintenance Building
  • Provide low waste to landfill even on deconstruction.

Timber Buildings

Sustainable Timber Buildings are high on the agenda, and discerning clients also want to know that their new green building is future proofed against ever tightening energy efficiency/Building Control  measures.

Cabinco Structures ensure that not only is your timber eco building sourced from sustainable materials, but it will also be energy efficient to a point considerably beyond current Building Control requirements.  This is done by increasing the levels of insulation and improving the levels of air tightness in all our buildings to ensure the energy you pay for is retained as heat within the building.


Our SIPS construction system is a manufactured offsite to ensure that all the time saving and quality benefits of a manufactured product are available to our buildings this includes;

  • Exceptional Thermal Performance
  • Rapid Build System
  • High levels of Dimensional Accuracy with zero shrinkage
  • Wide Range of external facade finishes
  • Minimal site waste


The main component of all our sustainable buildings is timber: the only construction material which is fully renewable, and recyclable.  All timber components are responsibly sourced from well managed forests as standard.   Timber provides a permanent carbon lock when used in construction.  These properties provide an excellent basis for today’s modern eco buildings.  The SIPS system is basically OSB sheeting with a solid insulation core.  The sections slot together on site to rapidly create the structural monocoque.


Our standard specification uses either Western Red Cedar or Thermowood for the external cladding.  Red Cedar is naturally weather resistant, and do not require ongoing preservative treatment.  Thermowood is system of heat treating a less expensive timber.  As a result of this treatment the timber is resistant to rot and has hugely improved dimensional stability.

Both of these cladding types can be allowed to gradually “weather” to an attractive silver-grey hue without any detriment to performance. This reduces maintenance costs and negates use of preservatives on site.

Cabinco Structures cladding style ensure that the edges are designed to meet flush and therefore provide a contemporary, “streamlined”, finish in keeping with modern premises.


Our buildings are extremely well insulated as standard, using high quality, proprietary products such as Kingspan and Rockwool


Timber windows and doors are all factory pre-finished to a very high standard to reduce maintenance costs. They are all double glazed as standard with toughened or laminated glass used throughout. Options exist for B’ rated energy windows which are “Secure by Design”.

FSC window and doors can be supplied where required.

1.49 W/m²K overall transmittance (U value) for standard window units

Argon filled 4/18/4 low E glazing units with U value of 1.1 W/m²K

Triple glazed window units can be brought down as low as 0.6 W/m²K


Our standard roofing material is Metrotile which is 60% recyclable and comes with a 40 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Popular options include; Single Ply Membrane which is great for shallow pitch or flat roofs and has a 25 year guarantee.  More sustainable options include cedar shingles or sedum amongst others.  Provided we are aware at the design stage – most roofing options can be accommodated.


A wider selection of sustainable options are available including:

  • Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • Biomass heating
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Roof lights
  • Sun-tunnels

Other issues which may be of interest to clients looking for timber buildings include the on-site management of waste.  For details of our work here please see the blog post below:

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