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[singlepic id=3015 w=320 h=240 float=left]The A House in Hassocks opened to receive its first nursery children earlier this Month.  It is a light and airy new timber building supplied by Cabinco Ltd.  The MPL design provides children with the warm environment of timber combined with energy efficient low carbon heating and lighting systems.

Maddy Dalley worked hard to gain permission and raise funds for her new nursery building which will benefit the children of Hassocks.  Do the children like their new building?

Rianna (Age 4) said “the building is different and it smells really nice”.  That lovely smell is the newly engineered log walling which makes the internal walls of their new nursery.

 “I can see pigeons out the big windows”  said Bella, and we are glad that she is enjoying the windows.  They are there so that the children have lots of natural daylight which is good for their health and general well being as well as avoiding eye-strain.  If we can encourage a budding ornithologist as well it can only be a good thing!

Little Tyler liked the heating system “I wont get cold hands in here” he said.  Luckily, with the low energy ventilation system we have installed, Maddy wont have to worry about the cost of the heating either.

How about the parents of children attending the A House?  What do they think of this lovely new building their children are using?  “Fantastic Place” said Father Christopher, “Absolutely amazing Maddy!”  Maria thought “Grand Designs!  A Wonderful Building!” and Lucy said it was “a great environment for the children” and “a building to be proud of” said Kim and Jay.

At Cabinco we love our buildings – it is so good to know that not only our customers, but our customers customers love them too.

For more information on the comments made by the children and the parents of the A House Pre-School.  Click here;  A House Opening comments.

For more information about A House pre-school look at their website

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