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Product Description

The Facings

Kingspan TEK Building System panels are faced on both sides with a maximum of 15 mm OSB/3, autohesively bonded to the rigid urethane insulation core during manufacture.

zero ODPThe Core

The core of Kingspan TEK Building System panels is a high performance insulant manufactured with a blowing agent that has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP).

Green Guide Rating

The Green Guide ratings for the Kingspan TEK Building System, as a result of its comparatively low environmental impact, are heavily influenced by the specification of the rainscreen e.g. brickwork for walls or tiles / slates for roofs. However, the system typically achieves an A+ or A element rating.

Product Data

Standards and Approvals

Kingspan TEK Building System panels are manufactured to the highest standards under a documented internal factory production quality control management system. The Kingspan TEK Building System’s use is covered by BBA certificate 02/S029, IAB certificate 02/0158 and Zulassung certificate 2-9.1-315.

Chain of Custody

The Kingspan TEK Building System panels have PEFC Chain of Custody certification in accordance with the TUV NORD CERT auditing and certification procedures and is subject to regular surveillance audits.

The OSB/3 facings used in the manufacture of Kingspan TEK Building System panels have BM TRADA Q-Mark product certification.

Q-Mark is the ideal tool for independently proving that products are:

  • properly tested and appraised in the first instance;
  • manufactured under an appropriate quality management system; and
  • consistently manufactured to the same high standard, day after day.
  • Structural Insulated Panel Standard Dimensions
  • Width: 200 mm (min) – 1220 mm (max)
  • Length: 7,500 mm (max) – for walls a maximum 3 m storey height is allowed.
  • Water Vapour Resistance
  • Vapour resistivity of Kingspan TEK Building System panel components:
  • the rigid urethane core – 300 MN.s/g.m; and
  • the OSB/3 facing – 500 MN.s/g.m.
  • Durability

The Kingspan TEK Building System panels will have comparable durability to that of OSB/3 to BS EN 300 (Code of Practice for the selection and application of Particle Board, Oriented Strand Board (OSB), Cement Bonded Particle Board and Wood Fibre for specific purposes.), therefore as long as the System remains weather-tight, a life of at least 60 years may be expected.

Resistance to Solvents, Fungi and Rodents

The rigid urethane insulation core is resistant to dilute acids, alkalis, mineral oil and petrol. It is not resistant to some solvent-based adhesive systems, particularly those containing methyl ethyl ketone.

Adhesives containing such solvents should not be used in association with Kingspan TEK Building System. Kingspan TEK Building System components, which have been in contact with harsh solvents, petrol, mineral oil or acids, or components that have been damaged in any way should not be used.

The rigid urethane insulation core and facings used in the manufacture of Kingspan TEK Building System panels resist attack by mould and microbial growth and do not provide any food value to vermin.

Fire Performance

The Kingspan TEK Building System exceeds the Building Regulations / Standards requirements with regards to fire resistance. When tested in accordance with BS 476: Part 21: 1987 (Fire tests on building materials and structures. Methods for determination of the fire resistance of load bearing elements of construction to the Building Regulations / Standards) achieved up to 73 minutes resistance.

NB: Requirements for minimum thickness and number of plasterboards will vary depending on fire rating required.

Resistance to Airborne Sound

Field tests to BS EN ISO 140-4: 1998 (Field measurements of airborne sound insulation between rooms) on separating walls, externally faced with 12.5 mm plasterboard, 19 mm gypsum planks and 9.5 mm plasterboard to each Kingspan TEK Building System wall panel, achieved an average sound reduction of 58 dB (DnT,w (C;Ctr) 58 (–3; –7) dB).

A laboratory test on a single wall panel with no internal dry-lining achieved a sound reduction (Rw) of 31 dB.

When adopting the use of super dried timber frame party walls, the guidelines contained within the Robust Standard Details would be followed

Thermal Properties

The λ-values and R-values quoted are based on accelerated ageing for 25 weeks at 70°C, in line with the methods used in the new European Standard BS EN 13165: 2001 (Thermal insulation products for buildings – Factory made rigid polyurethane foam (PUR) products – Specification). Comparison with alternative products may not be appropriate unless the same procedures have been followed.

Thermal Conductivity

Thermal conductivity (λ-value) of the OSB/3 component of Kingspan TEK Building System panels should be taken as 0.13 W/m.K. The thermal conductivity of the insulation core of Kingspan TEK Building System panels is 0.023 W/m·K.

Thermal Resistance

Kingspan TEK Building System panels have a thermal resistance (R-value) at a maximum of 5.100 m²·K/W. It is calculated by dividing the thickness of each component (expressed in metres) by its thermal conductivity and adding the resultant figures together.