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Sustainable Building for Timber Nursery in East Sussex

  • Timber Construction
  • Design and Build Contract
  • Nursery Building
  • Difficult Site Access
  • Rapid build process
  • Low Maintenance Building
  • Low energy heating and lighting systems

Timber Nursery - a Sustainable Building

The A House, Nursery Setting

This project involved the supply and construction of the MPL timber building from conception to handing over the keys.  The objective to provide the client with a sustainable building which provided a suitable nursery environment.

  • Sustainable nursery building with MPL construction
  • Principle involvement in design
  • Many of same sub-contractors in the supply chain
  • Considerate Constructor Scheme

Our initial contact with the client was in April 2011 and were in regular contact with her in order to finalise design issues and guide her on areas of her own responsibility within the project on a frequent basis until pre-construction site meetings commenced. We appointed a project manager to handle the project and become the clients main point of contact. Our Site manager was also involved in the early stages and viewed the site prior to order so that access and storage issues could be considered.  We appointed our usual Site Manager to handle the construction process and he was involved with assisting in many of the sensitive issues that our Client was concerned with in the build process.

Anticipated Difficulties by the Client  included;

  • Difficult narrow site access see site image
  • Concern by residents over potential blocking of roads
  • Concern by residents over potential loss of privacy while site work (particulary on scaffolding) progressed.

Cabinco Structures Responses

Our build system is ideal for sites with restricted access and the solution was a simple provision for track-way down the grass access route.  This allowed for tele-handler movement of materials in our usual manner without churning up the soil and potential hazards of mud on road. Residents concerns should always be taken seriously and we were keen to do whatever we could to alleviate their concerns. Therefore we took the steps of notifying residents of the works which were underway, their likely timescale and information on likely disruption.  Furthermore, after a period on site we went back to the same residents to make sure that we were not having an unreasonable affect on their daily lives.  The access gates were clearly marked with contact numbers – during site hours and out of hours for contact should concerns arise. To protect agaist potential loss of privacy we provided a mesh over the scaffolding to effectively screen both parties. This site was subject to a Considerate Constructors inspection and the inspector gave us a very good report.

Contract Period for this Sustainable Building –  7 weeks

Images of Hassocks Timber Nursery

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