Sustainable value of Materials during Building Use

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We have already posted articles on the Sustainability of the materials used in the construction of the cabin eg;

and further articles showing how we support out environmental policy through reducing waste to landfil eg;

The purpose of the tables below is to demonstrate sustainable values both during the life cycle of the building at at its completion.

MaterialContribution to Sustainability during use of Building
Wall Log

Minimum thickness of 68mm Spruce log has natural thermal properties which help to reduce the overall energy used for heating and cooling.

U values 0.19W/m²K

Siberian Larch CladdingThe Larch also contributes to the exceptional U value noted above, but further contributes towards sustainability as it does not require any form of on-going preservative treatment during its life-cycle.  This means reduced maintenance commitment, no use of chemicals on site, no chemical containers to send to landfill, and no risk of spillage/contamination.  Just natural silvering.
InsulationAs above, this material is used to ensure that the energy wasted through heat loss in walls, flooring and roofing void is minimised and the energy used for heating/cooling is reduced.


U values  for the floor are; 0.21W/m²K

U values for the roof are; 0.16W/m²K

Sheet TimberSheet timbers also have natural thermal properties and also contribute to the exceptional U values shown above.
Windows and DoorsHigh quality factory finished windows mean reduced maintanance.  Less frequent painting of frames, more control of heat gain/loss and therefore reduced energy costs.


U values for windows start at 1.4W/m²K but can be as low as 1.0W/m²K for the triple glazed option.

Floor Finishes


Terasafe Sparclean

No sealer or polish for the entire product life / Improved Stain Resistance / Higher resistance to staining (betadine) / Maximum hygiene with Sanosol® bacteriostatic and fungistatic treatment
Roofing Finish



Low maintenance with 40 year manufacturers guarantee

Finally – what happens to these materials many years from now when the building is at the end of its useful life.  Will your Cabinco Sustainable building be a problem for the future generation to dispose of??  Absolutely not!  See the table below for our assessment of how these materials can be disposed of.

Wall Log


Sheet timber

Siberian Larch Cladding

Wood is the only 100% renewable recyclable, reusable and natural construction resource we have.  All timber components should be recycled in some way at least as fuel.
InsulationOur supplier is currently working hard to recycle all waste from manufacturing and installation, they are exploring the potential for recycling after use and intend to investigate this further.
Windows and DoorsManufactured from timber and glass, both components are 100% recyclable
Vinyl Floor Finish100% recyclable
Roofing FinishMetrotile 60% recyclable


Cedar Shingles 100% recyclable

Sedum 100% biodegradable

Cabinco hope that this demonstrates that we have given substantial consideration to the sustainable qualities of all the materials in our buildings and work hard to provide quality options with minimum environmental impact, both during manufacturing, construction, life of the building and what happens at the end of its useful life.