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Some of the Most Frequently Asked Questions regarding Lease Finance Options for Schools

Is the lease an operating lease?

We can provide a lease agreement which has been designed in line with all current IFRS accounting guidelines (IAS 17) and as it is an operating lease it is classed as ‘off balance sheet’

When are payments made?

Payments can be tailored to meet your individual requirements, though typical repayment periods are between 2 and 7 years, with most schools opting for either monthly or quarterly repayments; these can be taken either by Direct Debit or by Invoice.

What happens at the end of the agreement?

Your school has the option to either return the equipment at the end of the lease term, subject to our return conditions, or if you are still using the equipment you can opt to extend the rental period at a reduced rental cost.

How do I arrange an Operating Lease / Lease Finance for my school?

Simply contact Cabinco on 01600 719218 and we will talk you through the quick and easy process.

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