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Sustainable Building Solutions

Sustainability in construction has to consider all aspects of the project including;

  • Choice of materials
  • Speed of construction
  • Site disruption and waste

Then of course there is the long term sustainability of the finished building;

  • Energy efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • Long Life span

Finally consider the impact of your new building at the end of its useful lifespan

  • Design for Deconstruction
  • Can materials be reused/recycled
  • Is your new building a potential landfil nightmare?

Sustainable building solutions through off site modular construction methods like Kingspan TEK and Machine Profile Log (MPL) buildings and Cabinco.

Construction and Sustainability

 Sustainable Construction Sites

By choosing an off site construction method you are immediately improving the sustainability of your project and providing sustainable building solutions.  Off site construction reduces site disruption as panels/logs are all precision engineered in a factory controlled environment. This reduces use of noisy site machinery, minimises any dust created on site and reduces vehicular activity as fewer deliveries are required and fewer skips required to manage site waste.

Off site Construction also reduces site costs for the same reasons, labour is reduced, machinery hire is reduced and waste management costs are all reduced.

Sustainability during Building Use

Further sustainability benefits are obtained from the precision engineering which  means improved air tightness and energy efficiency of the building.  Panels are manufactured to a specific standard and not subject to effects of site conditions or labour variables.  This means that not only does it cost less to heat the building because of the modern low energy heating / lighting systems, but energy used is more effectively contained within the building envelope.

There are options for further improved sustainability by use of biomass boilers or solar panels systems.

Design for Deconstruction

The potential for D4D with modern methods of construction is very high, buildings with a timber exterior quite obviously are partially made of a material which can be re-used/recycled or at very least used for energy pellets.  This is a huge improvement on concrete/brick exteriors.  Internally panels can potentially be broken down for further energy reclamation.

Solid Timber construction such as Machine Profile Log (MPL) however, offers a fully recyclable building envelope.  No render, no plaster – easily separated insulation panels for sustainable building solutions which even takes D4D into account.

Roofing materials can be selected for D4D using fully recyclable steel tiles or sheet materials or sedum /wildflower for a visibly natural finish.

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