School Gazebo with Sedum Roof

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[singlepic id=3020 w=320 h=240 float = none] Take a look at this lovely Gazebo.  Constructed for James Dixon School in London, this lovely 5m Octagonal structure is to be used as an Outdoor Classroom by pupils.  Seating up to 32 KS1/2 children.  

The Outdoor Classroom was constructed in just one day by our experienced build team and included heavy duty base-frame, decking, fixed benching on 7 sides and balustrade to 1m height.  The roof is fully watertight with internal boarding and the external finish is a live sedum blanket.  This will grow and change with the seasons, even flowering in spring. Sedum also shows the pupils of the school one of the many eco-freindly options for buildings in the future as a live roofing material it encourages wildlife in the form of insects, butterflies and birds.inner-roof-small  For more information on these lovely Outdoor Classrooms either ring 01600 719218 or click here for details; timber-shelters