Protecting the grass on clean field sites

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Mud Bath anyone?

One of the many costs involved in any schools project is the protection of the ground leading up to and around the construction area.  Naturally, we want this area clean to safeguard both materials during storage, to ensure that muddy boots don’t damage the new building and of course from a Health and Safety perspective to ensure that the build team can get about safely without risk of slipping.  However obvious this is, it is often an area where the cost and necessity is questioned, so we thought a couple of images would help clients to understand why this should be considered in advance so that we can ensure that the right option for you is planned.

The first image shows just how quickly and deeply soft ground is marked by the telehandler/forklift moving packs to the point of construction.

This second image shows how in wet weather, just a few trips back and fore will cause the area to become a quagmire.Muddy site where no trackway or hardcore provided

Clients can choose from a range of options to protect the ground such as trackway, hardcore/stone, or boarding depending on the time of year, site conditions and distance that the vehicles have to move packs from the point of delivery to the point of construction. If the site is allowed to get as muddy as this, costs can escalate as construction stops while mud is removed and trackway/stones laid and cost still more at the end of the project when landscaping is re-instated.

So leave the mud baths in the health clubs and make sure you budget to keep your site clean and safe.