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Benefits of Low Site Waste

  • Neater cleaner sites
  • Reduced traffic as fewer skip lorries required
  • Reduced noise as less machinery required on site
  • Reduced dust / odour as less waste and less machinery
  • Reduced CO2 impact of construction
  • Reduced cost


Nominal Waste to Landfill with Sustainable Construction.

Sustainable Construction and low site waste.

Anyone involved in construction will already be aware of the importance of managing waste and the impact this has on site costs as well as the environment.  Minimising waste manages costs not only because of the obvious waste of materials, but then also the cost of having them removed from site.

Historically, construction has been guilty of high levels of waste and as a result organisations such as WRAP and initiatives to halve waste to landfill have arisen.   Cabinco are a sustainable buildings company and as such signed up straight away to reduce our waste, although we were aware that as an off-site manufacture system our waste was already hugely reduced.

Over the last few years, we have developed our sustainable construction systems and improved our range of contacts/resources to improve management of waste and are hugely proud of the figures we have achieved todate.

Our Waste is streamed into clear groups which can be segregated on site and efficiently managed;

Wood – is our principal waste.  The main structural log is manufactured off site where waste is efficiently managed within the mill.  However, there is still some cutting of timbers on site and  this has resulted in a total of 14.4 tonnes of waste timber on our most recent project – 100% of which was diverted from landfill largely by re-use on community projects and some recycled in other ways.

Insulation is another bulky waste which on smaller jobs can result in landfill.  However, by discussing matters with our supplier we diverted 100% away from landfill to recycling facilities with the manufacturer.

Dry Recyclables such as plastic wrappings and cardboard are routinely segregated even in our homes – sites should be no different, so again 100% diverted from landfill to recycling facilities through a local waste management company.

General Waste – there are always incidentals that cannot be cost effectively segregated and recycled on site.  This is where selection of the right waste management company is essential.  Our chosen supplier of waste management services for general waste was able to achieve an average of 97% recycling.  Fabulous job.

As a result of the above measures our 1300m2 building sent only 0.367 tonnes of waste to landfill over the course of the entire construction project.  Thats 0.00028 tonnes per sqm of build.

Achieved through use of Sustainable Materials and sustainable construction methods to create truly Sustainable Buildings.