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Eco Classroom for Schools

  • Low Maintenance sustainable timber construction
  • Rapid construction
  • Flexible Floor Plan
  • Standalone Classroom
  • Double Glazed factory finished windows
  • High Insulation
  • Low energy heating and lighting package
  • Turnkey Design and Build service

The Eco School - Timber Classroom

The eco classroom is natural progression from the timber classrooms we have supplied in the past. We recognise the growing demand for school accommodation which could be supplied efficiently and quickly.  Whilst many solutions to quick classroom space exist, we wanted to provide one which did not compromise quality, looks, or design flexibility. Cabinco Structures Ltd, as specialists in timber buildings, provide a flexible solution.   This is how the Eco School was designed.  Economical, sustainable, with low maintenance, low running costs, and above all fast construction with minimal mechanical handling. The make up of the building is designed to tick all the boxes and a key feature is flexibility. Although a pre-designed model is offered, changes to width, length, height and/or layout can all be accommodated.  We like to discuss projects at the earliest stage to ensure that you get the right building.  Unique to your school and  designed around your requirements.

Individual Design

The building depicted here was designed around BREEAM criteria and the requirements of the building users: the pupils and teachers.  It offers large overhangs to cut sun glare, large windows for natural light and ventilation, high ceilings and a pleasant working space which all help to create a positive learning environment. The concept has been designed to offer flexibility: so that no school is stuck with a “best fit”, rather a solution which will work for them and their students.  These features are all geared toward the same overall goals: which are to reduce disruption during construction, reduce maintenance and running costs once in use, and to do this with environmentally sensitive and responsible solutions.


The eco classrooms are  intended to sit on a variety of foundations types including screw-pile foundations which minimises site time and use of heavy plant.



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