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Zero Carbon Classrooms

Zero carbon or carbon neutral buildings are readily achievable with Cabinco Structures Timber Buildings.

By combining excellent air tightness, low energy heating and lighting and your choice of sustainable energy.

Zero Carbon Buildings

Carbon Neutral Buildings

The Eco-School was created by Cabinco Structures as a sustainable alternative to modular construction.  It offers sustainable materials, fast construction and bespoke design; and was pre-assessed for BREEAM as “Very Good”.  This means that when site conditions are taken into account a BREEAM “Excellent” rating is readily achievable.

All this is offered for a more competitive price than the traditional option of new volumetric modular units, which also have the disadvantage of expensive craneage. Volumetric Modular buildings eg portable cabin style units, are traditionally quite cold and expensive to heat compared to other forms of construction. Now, with the new challenge to the Education sector of ensuring that new buildings are all Carbon Neutral by 2014 (Wales) or 2016 (England), and the additional burden on budgets that has come with higher energy prices, those Schools who depend on modular units are under pressure. Cabinco has recently collaborated with “Weatherworks”;  providers of independent, unbiased advice on sustainable design, energy efficiency and renewable energy; to develop a genuinely Carbon Neutral classroom. In layman’s terms this means that there is as much energy created by the building as used by it and the big advantage of that is that is that there are No More Energy Bills!!

A key point is the air tightness of the building: in schools, where doors are constantly opening and closing, it is even more important that the building is sufficiently air tight to ensure that energy spent on heating during teaching time is retained – even if it is only until the next classroom change!

Cabinco have already achieved air test results as low as 3.24m3/hr at 50Pa for Crickets Montessori Nursery Building and, with a few minor changes and the additional of a PV array, the buildings have been shown to be capable of generating more energy than they use – to create a positive energy balance. and provide Carbon Neutral Buildings for Schools.


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