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Modular Classroom Construction

SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels) are manufactured off site to the exact design of your new modular classroom.  The factory setting means that precision engineering is used to both improve accuracy and quality.  These panels are all unique to your building design and fit together to create your new modular classroom.  When in place, all windows and door openings are evident giving you a clear building outline.

The SIPS themselves are made up of 16mm OSB which is sandwiched either side of a solid insulation filling to create a composite panel.  These panels are designed to lock together on site to create the Structural Monocoque or frame of the building.  However, this frame is already heavily insulated and air tight which saves a lot of man hours on site.  This ensures that the main structure of the building is created far, far faster than traditional construction.

External Finishes

Most of our modular classrooms are clad in timber.  This could be Western Red Cedar, Siberian Larch or Thermowood.  However, a SIPS building can also be clad in traditional stone or brick work.  Modern panel finishes can also be used depending on what you the client requires and what is acceptable to planners.

Roofing Finish

Our standard roofing finish would be from the Metrotile range.  This is a bitumen coated steel tile, which gives a lightweight and durable tile with a 40 year plus manufacturers guarantee.  There is a range of styles and colours to choose from.

However, as this is such a flexible building style, we can also offer alternatives.  Traditional tiles or slate roofing or and EPDM.  Wc can even offer Wildflower/Sedum roofing if discussed at the design stage.  Living roofing is growing in popularity, particulary in city centres where they are seen to replace some of the greenery lost by intensive development.

Internal Finish

Inside your SIPS building the finish is more traditional.  We will usually offer a plastered and painted finish to the internal walls.  This provides a practical and easily maintained finish which is ready for you to move into.   Larger buildings which have used large glulams can enjoy these beams as part of the decoration.  Part timber clad and part plaster is also a popular internal finish.

External Options

An external covered veranda is a great addition to an timber classroom.  It will create additional semi covered usable space which is great for messy play or outdoor lunches.  This additional space not only increases the usable area of the building, but looks attractive too.  We create a heavy duty baseframe and internal decking area.  Then add optional balustrade to create the semi enclosed feeling.  Then a range of roofing options including the polycarbonate (shown) which can be created in a range of colours.  We can even create a rainbow of colour down the length of the veranda.

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