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Types of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)

Advantages of MMC

Modern Methods of Construction

Types of Modern Construction Methods

The classifications of different types of MMC can be considered as follows; (as defined by BeAware report)

Off Site Manufactured – volumetric; Three dimensional (3D) units produced in a factory, fully fitted out before being transported to site and stacked onto prepared foundations.

Off Site Manufactured – panellised; Flat Panel units factory manufactured and transported for on-site assembly into a 3D structure.  This would include:

Machine Profile Log buildings (MPL) buildings which are off site manufactured to reduce time on site, but put together on site which minimises mechanical handling (no cranes generally required).

Off Site Manufactured – hybrid; A combination of the two above – volumetric units integrated with panellised systems.

Off Site Manufactured – sub assemblies and components; Larger components that can be incorporated into either conventionally built or MCC buildings.

Non Off-Site Manufactured MMC; Innovative methods of construction used on-site, or conventional components used in an innovative way.

Considering Modern Methods of Construction in a new procurement

When taking on the responsibility of procuring a new building, there are many different things to consider.  Not just the cost, but its longevity, overall appearance; suitability to the ethos of the organisation etc.

Schools, in particular, have additional pressures which could include:

1.   Grants / Funding / Need for BREEAM ratings can demand a sustainable building. Care should be taken not to select a product which has been “greenwashed”, but a product which offers sustainability of materials, of responsible construction, low energy/maintenance and of course which does not leave an environmental burden destined for landfill for the next generation. Carbon footprint of log buildings

2.  The sheer practicality of the project can demand short build times (eg; during summer holidays when the site is not in use). Even the most Considerate Construction can cause distraction to the business of the school, so shorter construction periods are beneficial all around. Modular construction

3.  The local Planning office can insist on particular external appearance for the building eg slate roofing or cedar cladding in order to blend in with the existing environment.  Select a product which can offer flexibility in design to avoid wasting  valuable hours with the wrong supplier.  Cabinco MPL buildings offer a range of external claddings, plus a range of roofing materials enabling you to meet planning requirements.


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