List of Sustainable Materials in a Timber Building

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At Cabinco we are very aware of the need to not only produce a sustainable building, but a fully recyclable building envelope and consider not only the implications and sustainability of the materials at source or manufacture, but also during the life of the building and their impact on the environment when the building has exceeded its useful life even though this is likely to be more than 80 years into the future.

Construction MaterialSustainable Sourcing
Solid Spruce Wall LogWell managed forests with FSC/PEFC Chain of Custody where requested.  Manufactuering waste is kept to a minimal through finger jointing of log off-cuts.  Collection of shavings for recycling and  use of other factory waste as fuel.
Siberian Larch CladdingAs above, well managed forestry with FSC/PEFC Chain of Custody (COC) where requested.
Kingspan Solid Board Insulation.Kingspan has also committed to extend certification to the internationally recognized ISO14001 environmental management system standard to 100 percent of its major manufacturing
Sheet Timber MaterialsAll sheet timbers can be sustainably sourced and COC available where required.
Doors and WindowsTimber frames so can be supplied with Chain of Custody where required
Floor FinishGerflor (our standard floor finish) is made of Vinyl and therefore 100% recyclable.  The manufacture already recycles industrial waste.
Roofing FinishMetrotile is our standard finish and manufactured from bitumen coated steel.  The biggest waste product of the manufacturing process is water and Metrotile have now installed a water recycling plant.
Construction Material Waste to Landfil
Spruce Wall LogTimber can be recycled in a variety of manners, but primarily as fuel.  There are very few off-cuts on site due to the manner of production and use of materials on site, however any waste is offered to clients as fuel for woodburners.
Siberian Larch CladdingAs above
Kingspan Solid Board InsulationAll offcuts collected by supplier to recycle in the factory.  Therefore no waste to landfil
Sheet Timber MaterialsCareful material planning reduces waste.  Off-cuts offered for woodburners where possible
Windows and DoorsAll windows and doors are bespoke and designed for the individual building.  There is no waste or excess product to landfil.
Gerflor Floor FinishesManufactuer arranges collection from larger sites of off-cuts and excess for recycling.
Metrotile Roofing FinishSupplier collects excess/surplus from site for re-stocking or recycling.