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Lease Finance - Flexible Payment Options

Flexible Finance options via a partner organisation.

  • Operating Lease
  • Finance Lease
  • Hire Purchase

Financing Your New Sustainable Building

Lease Finance and Flexible Payment Options

We have teamed up with a financial services company to offer clients the prospect of rental, lease or finance options against these attractive and sustainable buildings.

This provides you with the opportunity to;

  • Select a long term building solution paid for with future income over 3 – 7 years
  • Avoid major capital expenditure
  • Invest in “Carbon Zero”  options now and benefit from no energy costs in the future
  • Include all maintenance within a single regular payment
  • Take advantage of immediate local requirements for long term benefits
  • Provide staff and pupils with the highest standard accommodation to further improve the facilities within your school/business and enhance staff retention/pupil uptake
  • Develop potential within local school grounds and business centres that may not be feasible with outright ownership
  • Lead the way within your industry by providing sustainable environments
  • At the end of the contract options exist to either;
  • Continue with reduced cost leasing
  • Refurbish and renew contract
  • Have building removed with no cost to you.

Click on the FAQ for more information on the options surrounding Lease Finance.  Or you can discuss with a lease professional without any obligation.


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