Ideas for raising funds for the Timber Shelter

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Raising Funds for your new Timber Shelter

Over the next few months, be sure to make the most of all the energy of the new parents in the school and the enthusiasm of new school year to raise funds for that much needed Timber Shelter.  Right now there is plenty of chance  to recruit “new blood” into the PTA and get lots of new ideas.  It’s a great time to raise money for that much needed Timber Shelter.

When everyone knows what the money raised is to be used for and can see progress towards that goal – that is when you get the most support.  Arrange with the school for a well situated thermometer or chart raising awareness of the progress towards your goal.  This can also act as a constant reminder and talking point for parents coming to the school.  Subtly increasing discussion of forthcoming events and improving support.

TIP:  Google “fundraising thermometer template” to find one that suits you.

Advertising Opportunities

Most of the parents are running or working in local businesses which could benefit from promotion within the school  so get local companies involved!  It’s a good policy to make use of these connections  and strengthen local ties.  Fundraising can be mutually beneficial as each business can pay a fixed amount eg; £100 for a bench inside the Timber Shelter (there are 7 in the 5m Octagonal shelter) and in return you can allow them to put their logo/name on it.  This way families will see the companies support of the school and provide them with advertising space for a very long time to come!   This can be extended to paying for side panels or roofing panels or even the gazebo posts.  Our removable waterproof panels for our Timber Shelters can have the companies logo printed on them at no extra charge!  You could even have several logos on each panel increasing your fundraising opportunities.

Making your Mark

Whilst a concrete base is not needed for a shelter, where it is preferred then this can provide an opportunity for fundraising too!  A Monmouth based PTA are going to sell hand-print space around the concrete base they are installing.  £1 or £2 per hand print has potential for over £350 towards the shelter!  Imagine – your childs’ hand print left forever at their school!  You could really say they made their mark.

Fun (d) raisers

Always popular and potentially raising the most money is to fund-raise through entertainment.  This way the parents get real value for their money, everyone has a good time and the sense of community is strengthened.  This can be a PTA hosted quiz night, party, race night, promise auctions etc.  The list is endless.

Other Fundraising Ideas

Other popular ways to fund a Timber Shelter would include calendars (printed from pupils drawings or photographs), Christmas cards – printed from pupils designs, or even books published from a selection of the children’s stories, poems and drawings.  All great Christmas presents for grandparents, family and friends and great fund-raisers for the PTA.  You could even go all out and arrange a shopping night and invite a selection of local crafts/trades to host stands at the school.

TIP:  A quick Google for any of these terms will help you find suitable companies – or even check the National PTA website for companies and ideas.

So get busy and make it fun for everyone to ensure successful funding of your Timber Shelter through the PTA and lasting support from the whole school community.