How Much is a School Eco Classroom?

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Budgeting for your new timber classroom?

Many schools are looking for new Timber classrooms or Eco Classrooms to increase their schools capacity or simply to improve facilities.  A wooden building is often sought as it offers both an economical and a sustainable solution. But how much should you budget?

Prices and quality of these standalone classroom units vary hugely so ensuring that your budget goes as far as possible against your “wish list” is important.

From our experience the most cost effective way to increase your classroom space is to utilise as many of the existing facilities as possible.  Buying more than one unit in one building also helps cost efficiency but giving you some economies of scale by having a slightly larger building.  Therefore purchasing a sustainable double classroom block, fully heated/insulated and complete can cost as little as £1,000 m²

Construction can be completed in just 2  weeks as all parts are off-site manufactured to provide a safe, rapid construction which achieves “watertight”  in just 7 days*  (* based on single eco classroom unit).  This helps reduce costs to schools purchasing the Eco Classroom both in terms of man hours on site and general disruption to the school.

As you will see below the following images show the construction process; 

This SIPTEK panel system is positioned into place and fixed to create the wooden classroom building skeleton.  All panels interlocking in a similar way to our traditional interlocking log until the timber classrooms is created.

Library Pictures

siptek-construction-panel-walls  siptek-panels-connecting-for-sustainable-insulated-wall  kingspan-siptek-door-opening-panel  kingspan-siptek-sustainable-construction-pitch-join  little-acorns-school-development-building-by-cabinco-2044  sustainable-nursery-essex-the-a-house-1-optimized

The roof is then clad in an appropriate roofing material – usually either Metrotile or Single Ply Membrane – depending on the pitch.

External Cladding of either Western Red Cedar or Siberian Larch competes the exterior while inside a plaster and paint finish ensures that the building is airtight and easy to re-fresh with a lick of paint.

Voila!  A sustainable timber classroom unit, complete with excellent insulation and air tightness considerably in excess of Building Control requirements to give you a completed building which is attractive, sustainable and future proofed for many years to come.

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