Environmental Accreditation for Cabinco Sustainable Buildings

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On 26th September, Cabinco achieved Environmental Accreditation  to BS8555 level 4. This means that Cabinco have already ;

  • Demonstrated committment in establishing the Baseline for Environmental Accreditation
  • Identified and Ensured compliance with Legal and other  Requirements
  • Developed Objectives, Targets and Programmes for further Improvement.
  • Are implementing and operating the Environmental Management System.

Cabinco are committed to providing you with sustainable buildings which will have the minimal possible impact on the environment.  We achieve this by constructing from timber which is the only renewable, recyclable and natural proven construction material.  Timber has been used for thousands of years in a variety of settings throughout the world.

Our buildings are designed to have very low U Values – which means that minimal heat is lost through the fabric of the building.  Recent tests show current values at just 0.14 for floor, roof and walls – although we know still lower can be achieved where required. Windows and doors at 1.4 as standard, although lower can again be achieved in our Sustainable Buildings where appropriate.

Another test for the retention of heat in a building is the air pressure testing – here Cabinco generally achieve between 3 and 4.6 m3 (h.m2) at 50pa.  Although this is a substantial improvement on Building Regulations minimal standard or 10 m3 (h.m2) at 50pa – still lower can be achieved where required, in fact we have had our buildings assessed that at below 3 m3 (h.m2) at 50pa, we can achieve Carbon Neutral or even Carbon Positive Status (ie; more energy being generated by the solar array than is used to run the Building itself). This is a requirement of all public buildings from 2014 (Wales) and 2016 (England). However, as anyone who pays domestic energy bills will say; with energy costs so high it is in everyone’s interest to seek Carbon Positive on any new buildings.

What about a Green energy source?

Cabinco work with a range of specialist suppliers which enables us to offer solar, air source and ground source heat pumps and are currently working with a supplier to provide an efficient wood pellet heat system.  This has been selected by the client for its ability to provide near instant heat with high heat output and powered by renewable fuel.

Sustainable Buildings from Cabinco. – Sustainable in construction, sustainable in use, and sustainable when finally at the end of its lifecycle and can be recycled into fuel pellets! However that wont be for a very very long time.