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Benefits of Off Site Modular Construction - Eco Classroom

  • Individual design
  • short on site build times
  • Reduced construction costs
  • Precision engineering / Manufacture
  • Fewer site delays
  • Reduced Site Waste
  • Reduced Site Traffic
  • Reduced Site Noise
  • Greener – more sustainable construction
  • Neater more neighbour friendly sites
  • Lower costs to the client.

Off site Modular Construction - Benefits for the Eco Classroom

Modular Construction  – Type

These buildings are all created using Structural Insulated Panels to form the structural shell. Cabinco Structures then add a layer of insulation to improve energy efficiency further and then provide the client with options for internal and external finishes. Full technical details on the wall make up can be provided if you or your advisors require it.

Insulation / Air Tightness

Cabinco Structures deliver highly insulated and air tight buildings.  Careful taping of joints and tightly fitting panels ensure that the insulation is efficient and removes air escape routes. These extra measures help to make sure that the money spent on heating the building stays inside – thereby reducing your energy costs.

 Windows and Doors

All units are be provided with a range of window and door options. All are high quality, double glazed, factory finished in a choice of colours, and carry a 5 year guarantee. Bi-fold doors on the front elevation provide maximum light and the option to open out to provide an internal/external learning area.


Based on low energy systems where possible but options confirmed when site conditions are known and based on SBEM calculation.

Internal Finish

Plasterboard and skim interior with white paintwork to all walls and ceiling; providing a surface which reflects light around the room. Options for timber finishes are available .

 External Finish

Hardwearing timber cladding material such as Western Red Cedar or Siberian Larch neither of which require preservative treatment. This reduces your maintenance commitment to the building and enhances longevity.

Floor Finish

Pricing is based on wipe-clean, high quality Gerflor (or equivalent) throughout or hardwearing carpet.  A range of colour is available

Roof Finish

We provide either a mono-pitch or standard pitch roof structure. Monopitch is provided with a “single ply membrane” finish, this hardwearing product is supplied with a 40 year manufacturer’s guarantee and is the perfect base for the sedum/wildflower covering. Pitched roof option is finished with a Metrotile which is a bitumen coated lightweight steel tile. These are also hardwearing products supplied with a 45 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Foundations / Groundworks

We can include all site preparation works within the contract to ensure you have just one point of contact for all contract works.

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