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The Creation of the Storyteller Chair

Stories told from a chair made of scrap timber from a school building project.

A few months ago – during a sort out of our storage facility we donated a lot of leftover peices of timber to a local charity “Widemarsh Enterprises”.  Widemarsh Enterprises are a social group supporting disadvantaged and vulnerable adults.

Among the scrap was a selection of exterior window boards which were painted in a grey colour to match the new nursery buildings colour school.  We were a little concerned that these may be among the less useful pieces of timber we could offer, but the enterprise were happy for the support and took the offcuts and surplus into their stock.

This is what they did with them:

Hi Romane, We are attaching a selection of Photos of a product we made from your timber donation.  We call it the dream maker ( story teller chair) this was made for the local Burghill Primary school  as a retirement present from the head teacher ) this timber was originally painted DARK GREY  so our team of intrepid sanders stripped it back and this with a little bit of magic from our workers is what  the timber became.

Many thanks to you all,

Peter and the widemarsh Enterprises Team

Isnt it lovely how thinking about re-use of what we call waste, can support so many people. From the enterprise using the timber, the adults using their facilities, the teacher reading the story and finally all those children enjoying story time.

Whats even more wonderful – is that you can buy these chairs from the charity direct by ringing 01432 354259

We think this is a lovely example of the Community benefits from Waste Timber.