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Outdoor Classroom Testimonial

Taken from an Email from the PTA Chair Louise Uttley to Cabinco on completion of their installation.

I feel very proud for both the PTFA’s and the children’s achievements over the past six months.  We have not only managed to raise an incredible £6500 in five months but we have been able to install and start using our new classroom.  The initial idea was drawn up by our treasurer Tracey and I way back last July(2011) and when we began talking about it we said we hoped it would be there ready for use by the summer term but reality of our PTFA raising £4000 year in year out the chance of this was slim.

We sold it to our Committee, Class Reps, Teachers and our Headmaster in a matter of days on our return to school in September and set about the fundraising. The Governors and parents bought the idea after a presentation was given at our first event of the year a barbecue.  This raised £453 and set us off.  We have held all sorts of events – BBQ, bingo nights, coffee mornings, Christmas shopping night, Christmas Fayre & school calendars, Yellow Moon & Sutton Seeds catalogues, Spend and Raise (Internet shopping facility) and our wonderful Grow a £1.00 month. We made £6500 in 5 months, 1 week and 2 days.  COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!!

The children themselves raised £2953.00 on Grow a £1.00 alone a superb achievement that we are all VERY proud of.

With the money in tow I was able to visit CabinCo and request a date for installation.  They were very accommodating especially as I had asked for the unit to be installed during our Easter holidays allowing full use of the unit for the children throughout the summer term.

Paul, Paul and John were already on site when I got there at 8.30 that Friday morning.  They had laid everything out onto the field and were deliberating which way to face the unit.  Having helped get it into position I began to get really excited.  We had done it! – the easy bit – raising the money! And now it was being installed.  Unfortunately I could not be there all the day but I was able to go back a few times and see it at different stages.  I took several photos as I went and each time my excitement grew and grew.  I could not get there right at the end to say good bye and a final thank you to Paul, Paul and John as they had completed it ahead of schedule and had left before an got there.  WOW! I was stunned.  It is fabulous.  It is amazing. It is just incredible.

I so can not wait to see what the reviews from the children have and hear what the parents and teachers say.

We have, hand-painted, pencil accents to our unit which have made it very children orientated and fits in with the outlook of the school.  This was my surprise to the children, teachers, parents and governors as I had not mentioned anything about this idea to anyone.  Romane did me proud with this – thanks Romane.  We have a wonderful decking base with superb benches which will seat approximately 30 children.


200 children will now enjoy an immeasurable amount of fun, entertainment and teaching within this new outdoor classroom.


Louise Uttley

PTFA Chair

Outdoor Classroom Testimonial