Sustainable Timber Classroom Block for Ockendon Studio School

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Timber Classroom Block for Ockendon Studio School

  • 1300m2 Timber Classroom
  • 10 Classrooms plus open learning zone, offices and facilities
  • Sustainable build with Breeam “Very Good” requirement.
  • Main Contractor responsibility
  • Machine Profile Log (MPL) Timber construction
  • Considerate Constructor
  • Project delivery on time and on budget
  • Educational project

Sustainable Timber Construction for Studio School.

Timber Classroom Block with Open Learning Space.

The Project

1300sqm Machine Profile log, Studio School for an academy school in Essex.  We were a part of the design team working with the JTS Partnership (Chartered Surveyors) who dealt with initial planning and initial client brief.  Selected for the project by competitive tender procedure as the most suitable and competitive for construction of this timber classroom block.

we turned the initial design into a set of manufacturing drawings and liased with Heating and Lighting engineers to secure the best Low Energy systems which met both client and Breeam requirements.  This site was on a green belt location and the client had some difficulty achieving planning.  The sustainable nature of the timber construction and the low impact of the build process were crucial to both client and planning.

How delivered successfully

Having already completed the English Block project for the Ockendon academy we had established good working relationships with both the client and the design partners.  Similarly to the previous project, we worked with the JTS Partnership at a very early stage to ensure that their design concept was matched into the build system we were offering and matched in with the aethestics of the existing building.  Client key factors were again delivery of the contract on schedule to allow the opening of the new Studio School on time and within a tight budget.  Continued tolerance by the schools neighbours of the ongoing construction projects was also a high priority.

Through a series of meetings involving client/surveyor/ and our relevant sub-contractors, the build process was closely examined and potential areas of concern discussed and resolutions and person responsible agreed.  We were appointed Main Contractor and took responsibility for all Health and Safety on site and ensured that the sub-contractors were appointed within our Sub-Contract Procedures and worked within the site rules laid out.  We appointed an established and trusted Site Manager (sub-contract) who we have worked with on numerous projects over the last decade to be our representative on site and deal with day to day matters.  Our Project Manager, who also had managed the previous Ockendon works was on site for between 1 – 3 days per week to oversee/manage all works.


A Construction Phase Plan was prepared to show how build process of the timber classroom would proceed and organise time on site as well as address immediate Health and Safety issues as flagged up by the CDMC.  A full set of construction drawings were provided to the Site Manager and held on file for ease of reference.

A Materials delivery schedule was prepared to show what materials were arriving when and to ensure appropriate mechanical handling availability on site.  Where dates were changed site were advised and they would adjust the plan to reflect this.  All purchase orders were accompanied by delivery instructions to ensure that minimum disruption to neighbours/school occurred as this was a concern of the school.

Our project manager collated and checked all Method Statements and Risk Assessments from sub-contractors and check appropriate licences/COSHH if appropriate to ensure they met our sub-contractor policies and procedures.

A list of Emergency Contacts was prepared to ensure numbers were convenient for use in any urgent situation.  This was retained in the H&S file and a copy displayed in the office.

On Site our Site Manager issued “permits to work” indicating which site workers were permitted for what site works and enabling him to check that relevant training was up to date.

Where appropriate training files were copied and held to confirm suitability for works.

A Site Waste Management Plan was prepared due to the higher value of the works and the Breeam requirements.  This provided the opportunity to use facilities not available on including waste segregation and reclamation.  This resulted in incredibly low waste to landfill of under 0.00028 tonne per square metre of build.  A total of 0.346 tonnes of waste for the entire project.

On arrival at site everyone signed in to maintain evidence of numbers on site so we always knew who was on site in the event of an emergency.  All sub-contractors attended a Site Induction in line with our template for Site Induction Agenda and read Site Rules.  Emergency Procedures and a Site plan was prepared and shown to all to familiarise themselves with site facilities etc.  Tool box talks were held on a regular basis covering relevant subjects in line with the activities on site.  Attendance and topics for TBT was recorded in a log.

As the project progressed in line with the prepared schedule, milestones were achieved and Considerate Constructors awarded the site “Performance Beyond Compliance” in recognition of the standards seen on site.

This was the second time we had provided a timber classroom block and related construction services to this Academy.

Contract Period 30 weeks  – January – August  2013

Images of The Studio School at Ockendon Academy.

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