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Timber Building for Deanfield Study Centre

  • We were part of the design team
  • Sustainable Timber building
  • Cabinco were main contractors
  • Machine Profile Log (MPL) Timber construction
  • Educational project
  • Classroom unit and Laboratory building

Goods/Services Delivered

Timber Building design, manufacture and installation to create a study centre classroom and ancillary laboratory workshop.


The study centre classroom is to be an exemplar of environmentally sensitive sustainable construction with high quality internal environment, stable internal temperatures and humidity and good levels of natural light.

The building was also to act as a teaching aid to sustainable living.

Wood pellet biomass heating system to be installed

How delivered successfully

Following extensive discussions with the client a specification which both met their objectives and their budget was found ticking as many of the items on the “wish list” as possible.  Finally the order for the new buildings was placed.

The works commenced first of all on the new classroom late in 2012.  As main contractor suitable welfare facilities and perimeter fencing was set up.  Design freeze put in place and the order for the machining of the logs placed.

Construction began and scaffolding put in place to enable work on the sloping site.   The weather was far from kind, however progress was good and the building made watertight before snow fell.

Greenheart timber chosen for its durability in wet conditions was reclaimed from a site in North Wales and brought down by a haulier for cutting to size for use as the posts to the laboratory building above the pond.

We also used reclaimed timber cladding from the old building to clad the new laboratory.  Using leftover timbers, we assisted the school by making a collection of “habitat boxes” for display on the external lab wall.  The centre have filled this with a variety of “habitat materials” and will wait and see who sets up home there.  These little quirks for the buildings are not only environmentally friendly, but also helping the client to save precious funds and keep the project on budget.

Some waste wood from this project was also used by the client when creating their own Roundhouse building.

Large folding doors were installed at the front of the building to allow the building to open more fully to the veranda and create a merge of the outdoor/indoor environments.

A wildflower roof was installed and a stairway to allow pupils to walk up and enjoy the flowers and the view from the top of the building.  This allows them to fully enjoy the site and see the wildflower roof and bees and insects it attracts up close.


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Images of the timber buildings for Deanfields Study Centre