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Potential Clients will see both on our communications and our website a variety of logos which represent accreditations by external organisations. We thought some may find it useful to know what the different logos represent and what Cabinco have done to earn this and how it enables us to provide Sustainable Construction.

Constructionline is used by many large organisations including local authorities & councils. It is a portal that checks contractors’ suitability for tenders based on a National Pre-Qualification Questionnaire. Assessments include; financial standing, health & safety procedures/records, technical knowledge, experience, and references; thereby ensuring that you are dealing with a suitable company to be trusted with public funds. Constructionline 2012-2013

Chas offer a Health and Safety Assessment Scheme and have checked Cabinco’s procedures and record for Health and Safety to ensure that you are employing a contractor who pays due diligence to Health and Safety law. Chas are a founder member of SSIP and therefore our accreditation meets their standards also.

Considerate Constructors aim to improve the image of construction and ensure that the industry is professionally presented to clients and the public alike. Their representatives call to our sites to ensure that all those affected by the build are being treated fairly and properly. This includes ensuring proper facilities for the team working on a sustainable construction site and considerate behaviour towards site neighbours.

These symbols for FSC and PEFC show that both bodies have independently verified our procedures for handling timber and are confident that we can prove the sustainability and origin of the timbers we use on site.

As members of Local Authority Building Control Partner Authority Scheme (PAS), The Building Control process is standardised and simplified, saving both time and money. LABC are already familiar with our build system, you, the client, will still benefit from local knowledge as inspection is still carried out by your local authority, or a local member of the Approved Inspectors Scheme, but they are able to complete their inspections with benefit of experience from past projects.

BS8555 is an Environmental Accreditation showing Level 4 compliance.  Cabinco have sought this to evidence our passion for sustainability and to show that this does not just apply to the visible aspect of construction, but a matter engrained in our Business ethos.


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