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Making it Easier for you to Manage your Construction Project

Cabinco Structures can include both Building Control and Planning Permission Applications into your contract where required to enable a fully “turnkey” solution where all aspects of the build are contained in the one contract.

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Building Control Partners

Planning Permission Applications.

Using an LABC Partner to make your project easier.

Building Control Partners

Cabinco Structures are LABC (Local Authority Building Control) Partners as our build system is pre-approved.  This makes submission of Building Control Approval quicker and easier and means we can manage this for you.  Making your Build Process simpler and easier all around.

 Submission of Planning Applications

Planning Permission

Cabinco are able to source and liaise with local agents to submit your planning applications and get your new project through planning.  This can release you from additional workload and ensure a clear line of communication between planning office and your chosen supplier from the outset.

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