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Brettstaple and Machine Profile Log Buildings

[singlepic id=3301 w=320 h=240 float=left]Solid Wood construction is becoming increasingly popular across the UK as Architects and Specifiers seek to provide clients with sustainable buildings within restricted budgets.  Brettstapel  Construction is gaining increasing momentum and support from organisations such as Wood Source Wales who want to see more low grade Welsh timber used in construction.   While Machine Profile Log buildings have evolved from the old log cabin and adapted design to meet demands of today’s Client.

Brettstaple Construction consists of creating a solid wood panel by layering sections of timber and connecting by use of a hardwood dowel (or alternative) to create a locked solid timber section.  These sections are fixed together on site to create a structural shell.

Machine Profile Log buildings consist of precision machined interlocking logs layered on site with triple T&G and fixed with a combination of dowels and threaded bar.  These logs are locked together on site to create the structural shell.

Both Construction methods have many benefits to the savvy client seeking a sustainable timber building.

In common with other Modern Methods of Construction both MPL and Brettstaple offer;

  • Off site manufacture – resulting in reduced construction time
  • Carbon lock – equivalent to keeping a car off the road for 2 months for each cubic meter of timber.
  • Thermal Mass – where internal walls are exposed ensuring a more stable temperature.
  • Moisture transfusion – allowing moisture to pass through.
  • Moisture mass – absorbing excessive internal moisture
  • Inherent air tightness – tightly locked solid timber panels/logs minimise infiltration routes.
  • Fire Resistance – Solid timber maintains structural integrity better than bare steel or concrete in a fire.
  • Through use of a larger quantity of timber in the building structure than timber frame – both build types give the building a significantly greater level of embodied carbon.   This sequestered Carbon even at the end of the buildings lifespan, will remain a sustainable product as the timber then be recycled for “energy reclamation”.  Loosing no more Co2 as a fuel than it would if allowed to de-compose naturally.

Amongst their individual advantages the following are true;

Machine Profile log buildings have the advantage of being able to work in more confined spaces without the need for heavy machinery as the pieces are fixed together on-site.  Making this construction method ideal for sites with restricted access.

Brettstaple construction is capable of forming buildings of multiple floors or more whereas MPL construction is more suited to a single or two storey building.

The Lifecycle cost of both building types is reduced as a result of the reduced energy demand, shorter construction times and longer lifespans with little or no maintenance required.

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